Welcome and join me on my journey into the world of kink! First and foremost, this is a welcoming place for curious adults wishing to explore the darker desires of the heart, body, and mind. Because of the risky and potentially dangerous nature of kink, this blog is meant for adults wishing to learn more about what kink is and how to go about it which means minors are welcome to come back once they’re of age where they can fully inform themselves and be capable of legal informed consent. As much as it may be tantalising, kink requires people to be adults and act like it even if they happen to be a little or similar young of heart but of age people.

My hope is to provide my perspective and experiences as both lessons learned and my understanding of the various parts and elements within this deliciously dark realm of fantasy meeting reality. I’ll also be sharing what I learn from others and hope to contribute knowledge, caution, and understanding for others also in the midst of their own journey, whether they be novice, exploring something new further along, or simply need some reminders and other point of views. I’m always welcoming of other perspectives and discussions since kink is very personal and labels can be interpreted differently, experiences will vary, and could contribute more to certain topics such as kinks I may learn about but not personally experience. Now, please enjoy my writings and musings and let me know if I can be of assistance.

Enjoy the taste of dark passion.