Creating A Safety Net

Hello fellow kinksters! This time around, I am preparing a small series of posts around safety. It can be so, so easy to be swept up in the magic and passion and thrill and fire (sometimes literally) when the interest in kink is sparked, be it discovering kink for the first time or a particular kink. Because of this, safety can sometimes go flying out the window and forgotten until things settled down or the damage is done. It is very tempting to simply give into the part of you that you are discovering in the dark corners of your being and what brings that part to life whether it be the catharsis of a biting whip, the the exhilarating rush of degradation, the empowering space of dominance, the hidden light of a little, or whatever else may be emerging at the time. This temptation can lead to frenzy, the skipping of negotiations, and just a general lack of communication or pushing down of needs. In the next few posts, I will do my best to touch on a few different aspects that can create a safety net of sorts for when things don’t quite go as planned.

Now, I perhaps harp on safety too much at times, but I feel that it is crucial to protecting yourself when you are so vulnerable. You are, after all, exposing your desires which in turn can expose your body, mind, soul, or everything all at once! Safety will never be 100% in kink, or life for that matter, but it can hopefully mean the difference between enjoying the overall journey, coming across destabilizing pain, or even ending your kink journey because it made things much worse than the pleasure was worth. This is especially true when there are people hoping to catch those that are unprepared, unaware, or too enveloped in that sweet rush of excitement to be fully rational and careful. My hope with this small series is to provide you with the awareness and knowledge to safeguard yourself as much as possible as well as figure out how to discover those who will respect your needs so that you may better fulfill each others wants.

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, feedback, or other comments regarding this and any other topic. Wishing you a wonderful journey with the wonderful darkness within!

Love always,

Miss Lunissa


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